Sales Order Invoice Printing with Batches Enabled

Has anyone had any luck creating a BOI script to print and update invoices when batches are enabled?  I keep getting a message stating that batching can't done in the current task.  Here's a snippet of my code:

retVal = oSS.nSetProgram(oSS.nLookupTask("SO_InvoicePrinting_UI"))
Set oSO_InvPrint = oPVX.NewObject("SO_InvoicePrinting_rpt", oSS)
retVal = oSO_InvPrint.nSelectBatch(vBatchNo)  <== vBatch is a good Sales Order Invoice Batch that is "available" when I run the script.

MsgBox("Select Batch " & vBatchNo & "; " & oSO_InvPrint.sLastErrorMsg)  <== Here's where I see the error message

retVal = oSO_InvPrint.nSelectReportSetting("STANDARD")
MsgBox("91 = " & retVal)  <==  returns 1
retVal = oSO_InvPrint.nProcessReport(vDestination) <==  vDestination = "PREVIEW"
MsgBox("Print:  " & oSO_InvPrint.sLastErrorMsg)

I'm doing this in 2022 Advanced.  <== indicates a comment in the code for clarification here only.  Here's the message box with the last error:

Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thanks!