SAGE 100 PREMIUM BOI - Failed to Initialize ProvideX Library

Hello, I am trying to setup BOI (first time trying this) we are running Sage 100 Premium 2021 (ps. this hasn't been tried done before this). I am following along with the Object Interface course from Sage. Im entering the Path to our Sage Folder as stated in the docs

We have two available paths but neither work

C:\Sage\Sage 100 Workstation 2021\MAS90\Home

C:\Sage\Sage 100 2021 Premium\MAS90\Home


Set oScript = CreateObject("ProvideX.Script")
oScript.Init("C:\Sage\Sage 100 2021 Premium\MAS90\Home")

But I keep getting the issue Failed to Initialize ProvideX Library, 80020009

I ran the pvxcom.exe file from where it was located but nothing happens when I run the file

Please guide me as to what I could be missing, I can't seem to get it to work, any and all help is greatly appreciated Slight smile

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    Hi Daniel-

    First, I would use a UNC instead of the drive letter.  Second, you need to be pointing to the install path on the server, not the workstation.  I would define a variable for the path, something like this:  sPathHome = "\\servername\share\mas90\home".  Then change your script to look like this:

    sPathHome = "\\servername\share\mas90\home"

    Set oScript = CreateObject("Providex.Script")


    Are you running Sage in 32 or 64 bit mode?

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    Also, make sure that "Allow External Access" is checked in Company Maintenance.  This is not the issue you have now but will be the next one you run into if it's not checked.