• Work Ticket BOI Change QuantityOrdered and Rescale Labor and Materials

    Using Sage 100 Advanced 2023 and the Production Management Module, I am trying to use BOI to update the Quantity Ordered on a Work Ticket but want it to automatically trigger the rescaling of labor and materials like it asks when you change the quantity…
  • Delete Change Items in BOI

    Is it possible to do this? I've been able to populate the IM_DeleteChangeItems table using BOI, but I can't figure out how to actually apply the changes to the item codes using BOI. If it's not possible that's okay, but please let me know if that's…
  • Change On-Hand quantity in multi bin location

    Can anyone please help me in editing the on-hand quantity for this location in sage. Tried editing it from Item Inquiry but it is not working.
  • Accounts Receivable

    How do I reverse a prepayment in Accounts Receivable?
  • Is there a way to Update CI_ITEM Average Cost ?

    Hi Forum, Is there a way to Update CI_ITEM Average Cost ?... I have a BOI script that is trying to update the cost and i get the message below... The cost it is in fact "Read Only", is there a way to change it so i can update it ? Regards…
  • Work Ticket By Product - What cost does it go into inventory at?

    Some of my work ticket's create a by product item that goes into stock. We have been doing a line on the work ticket materials tab for -1 Part Number to remove it from the work ticket and return it to inventory. How to do we control what value it pulls…
  • How to deal with Vendor Credits on Prepaid Purchase Orders

    We regularly import products from overseas and prepay 100% of those purchase orders. Sometimes we end up changing items, leaving us with a credit with that vendor. They typically apply it as a credit on future purchase orders. What is the best practice…
  • Customer Fines/Fees

    When receiving a customer payment in which the customer takes a deduction for a fine/penalty, we create a debit memo. My question is do you book that debit memo in a cogs account or back to the AR account until it is credited? Thank you.
  • payroll

    I did something wrong when i started payroll this morning and created a default check number. It is in all my newly created records. I do not know what I did or how to correct it. tks
  • AR credit that needs to be paid out

    I have a customer that has a large credit on their account. They haven't been ordering very much, so they want me to pay out the credit. How do I cut a check for an AR Credit Memo? We are using Sage 2015.
  • Adjusting invoices

    I am new to adjusting the GL#'s for an invoice and so I actually duplicated an invoice when I went in to change the GL#. I did figure out that you DON'T enter the amount of the invoice when your are adjusting a GL#. but how do I get rid of the extra…
  • Balances showing in Cash Receipts but not showing on Accounts Receivables

    Accounting has brought to my attention that we have several balances that seem to be hung up on Cash Receipts but are not showing up on the Customers Accounts Receivables Aged Invoice Report. They believe this has happened when only trying to apply part…
  • Invoices

    If I have an invoice that was invoiced to the wrong customer are we able to credit that invoice and charge the correct customer after it has been invoiced or do we have to credit the wrong account and make a new order to invoice?
  • Orders

    Is there a way in SAGE 100 to delete a sales order or line item(s) off an order, be able to make notes of what was deleted or whom ask for it to be deleted and still have a record of it without creating an invoice for it?
  • Work Tickets in SAGE 100

    We had labor that was posted to a work ticket. How would I move the labor back to expense?
  • Transfer A/P invoices to GL account - P card

    We recently began using P-cards to pay some vendor invoices. Our idea was to transfer AP invoices to a GL clearing account in order to wash out the AP invoices paid by the P-card and then when we pay the P-card, it would then wash out the GL clearing…
  • Need to get rid of some old invoices,

    Hello Guys, I need to get rid of some of old invoice, but when I applied the credit memo, due to the customer has credit card information that we set it up before, it will automatically refund to customer's credit card. Is there any way that I can make…
  • Register Error Log .000761

    A not-on-file vendor was found. I can't find it to deleate it.
  • Pricing Updates for Inventory Items

    We are having trouble updating pricing. We are updating in the Item Maintenance module, the Purchase Cost and Retail cost. These updated costs are not pulling into Purchase Orders and Sales Orders. Any ideas?
  • Unable to edit order line and tax amount

    Hello I am trying to edit a existing sales order using BOI,... i am able to make header level changes but when i am trying to change line level data ( ie: item code) a new line is getting created.... And when i am trying to add a new line and over…
  • Sales Order, Change Prices Retroactively

    Hi all, We've had a price change and want it to apply to all existing sales orders, not just the new ones. We've adjusted the price level for customers. But can we go back and change the prices for all existing orders without doing it manually? Thanks…
  • Can I easily change the date on an updated invoice?

    I discovered that there is an invoice from January that was dated 2016 instead of 2017. Does this mess up anything since it wasn't updated until 2017? Is there any way to fix the date on it without making a bigger mess elsewhere? It has already been paid…
  • Move Inventory from one warehouse to another

    We are closing warehouse 000 and need to move inventory items of about 6000 items to warehouse 001. I know this can be done in the inventory transaction module for one inventory item at a time, but how can I do this with the entire stock of inventory…
  • Migrating Sage Pro non-inventory items to Sage 100

    I'm hoping someone might have a suggestion regarding Sage 100 Inventory migration. I have a client that is currently migrating their non-inventory items into Sage 100. I originally thought that using a misc. item would fit the bill. At first blush, I…
  • AR_OpenInvoice change Due Date

    I'm attempting to update the Due Date on the AR_OpenInvoice table from the invoice history inquiry screen. It acts like its writing but it doesn't. What I'm missing. 'THIS DOESN'T WORK Dim Mas_Scr_Dbg ' debug is turned off - set to 1 to enable:…