Error when Running Sales Journal in AR

We just upgraded to Sage 100 2022 and we are getting the following error in one of the companies. Has anyone seen this in the new 2022 version?

The company we are using is very limited we are using AR to invoice. The item is a misc ar item code.

any help would be appreciated The GL looks good so I dont think thats the issue.


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    There's a similar KB article:

    Error: "Missing handle to journal report object"

    Created on 09-28-2019 / Last modified on 08-05-2022


    Error: "Missing handle to journal report object" in Purchase Order, Daily Receipt Registers/Update for Sage 100


    Cause unknown. It may be possible that there are corrupted or modified program files.


    Try renaming the "PO" and "CI" folders in the "..\MAS90" directory on the server where Sage 100 is installed. Then, restore a copies of the folder (including their contents) from a recent backup.

    If the issue persists, try obtaining a standard, unmodified copy of the "PO" and "CI" folders (including contents) from another installation of Sage 100 with the same product update - but without any third-party enhancments - to test with.