Looking for Options if any exist

Hello I have a question that I think maybe kind of unique. I work for a company that operates as two entities under one roof. We currently use a version of Sage ERP MAS 90 with each company having its own inventory, payroll, etc. I am reaching out to see if sage would communicate between two sage programs. One side of the company is the builder and deals with contracts, estimates, build schedules, job costs, job allocation etc, once the build is complete we have a service company that then sells a maintenance contract to the customer and services the functionality of the product to make sure it stays operating efficiently. The issues arise when it comes to moving customer information from the builder to the servicer. That is all done manually from one company to the other. Ideally we would like one program that would allow us to track the builds from start to finish and then convert to a service account. Just curious if sage has anything that maybe close to accomplishing something like this? Do sage programs have the ability to communicate for instance if each company ran different sage software ERP be CRM and have them able to transfer data? Thanks