Improving deployment options and driving down total system costs

Sage Partner Cloud promises to provide key benefits for Sage CRM:

  • Optimising for success: Expanding the ability to work remotely, while controlling costs.
  • Security: Providing confidence that data is protected via Microsoft Azure-backed security.
  • Time savings: Automating deployment to the cloud, creating less disruption & saving time.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Reducing training & project costs as well as avoiding business disruption.


Read more from Jeff Richards as he walks you through how Sage CRM's web-based architecture gives customers the freedom and flexibility to choose what is best for their business.  

Over the last few releases, we have been adding features that allow partners to improve the value of the managed services they provide our customers.  More & more we see new customers starting small with Sage CRM and then scaling as they learn more about the applicability of the rich feature set within the product.