We are considering adding Sage CRM to our Sage 100Cloud system. I would appreciate some feedback from those who have implemented installations as well as client feedback. The good, the bad, and the ugly so to speak. Slight smile. Also, what you would do differently if you could start the process over. Thank you!!

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    We haven't had much luck.  We've tried integrating twice - have spent many hours and too much money - and it still won't sync with Sage 100c properly.  When we try to assign it to CRM in the Sales Order Entry window, the sales order/ quote number comes over to CRM, but it has the wrong company and wrong contact information.  That in itself is making it unusable for us.  Nobody seems to know what the issue is.  I've spent hours customizing and learning the system, only to basically give up on it.  I would love to know of any alternatives that someone is using.

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    We don't do CRM integrations ourselves, and always get a specialist involved.

    Also I believe there are two integrations: one by Sage, and one by a 3rd party called Greytrix (GUMU).  Look at all options.

    I hear of a high implementation failure rate from multiple sources with a general explanation: unrealistic or unclear expectations. 

    Be absolutely certain what you want to achieve, beyond an executive thinking they should implement CRM.  Detailed plans / goals are critical.  Know exactly what you want to achieve, in significant detail.  Don't skimp on planning / design.  CRM is not DIY... and not something you successfully figure out on the fly.

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    Understood - our partner did the integration and set up.  I expected limitations, but I didn't expect that it wouldn't be able to sync over the correct customer name and conatct info with a quote.   After two attempts at fixing it, I am about to give up.  If you have any other recommendations please let me know.

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    As far as support I like https://www.azamba.com/  and Peter Wolf  [email protected]  who has been working with SageCRM from the beginning.  He is a long standing member of 90Minds and really knows his stuff. 

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    Sorry to hear about the struggle with integrating Sage 100 with Sage CRM.  if you are using the default Sage 100 integration with Sage CRM (and not a 3rd party integration like GUMU from Greytrix). that sounds like there could be corruption in the CU files in Sage 100 (mirror tables to store the linking for the integration).  do you know if the Rebuild CRM utility was used in Sage 100 - CRM module?  it could also be some custom Sales Order programs (if the issue is limited to only quotes/orders not synching) that need an update when Sage CRM is integrated with Sage 100. If the integration is working in general (you can make a change to Sage CRM Company like Name and see if reflected in Sage 100 AR Customer - and vice versa) then it is possible to look at the CRM opportunity, orders, Quotes and Company table in SQL to confirm if records are linked as well then check the Sage 100 CU tables to see if records there match.  Was your integration and orders/quotes working at a time then had problems or was it always an issue?  do you have support ticket # that were created with either Sage 100 support or Sage CRM Support?