SAGE 100 2014 - CRM Setup Docs


Do docs exist to setup the CRM for the subject Sage version?


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    I am not sure which specific information you are looking for, the CRM versions compatible with that older Sage 100 install, the CRM integrated versions downloads, Documentation on installing Sage CRM, or information on how to set up the integration between Sage 100 2014 and Sage CRM.

    Regarding compatible Sage CRM versions, the unsupported versions of Sage 100 do not have the Integrated Solutions information in our knowledgebase, but here is some information that might be helpful:

    Sage CRM versions compatible with Sage 100 2014 (per Sage 100 2014 Integrated Solutions Compatibility Matrix

    Sage CRM 7.2 Patch H
    - Upgrades must be performed on 7.2.B.
    - 7.2.B must be installed prior to 7.2 Patch H

    Sage CRM 7.3 and 7.3 Patch A
    - Sage 100 2014 and 2014 PU5 must be installed.
    - Sage CRM 7.3 must be installed prior to 7.3 Patch A

    Regarding documentation for installing Sage CRM itself, the unsupported versions of Sage CRM are not on the online CRM help page but documentation is available in the CRM download itself in the Documentation folder The unsupported versions of Sage 100 and Sage CRM unfortunately are not available for download via our Sage Download Portal - you would need to reach out to a Sage Partner or other source to get those older downloads (if you don't already have them).

    The version of Sage CRM you would want to download and install to integrate with Sage 100, would be labeled as an integrated download rather than standalone - for example: Sage CRM 7.3 for Sage 100 2014.

    The CRM license key displayed on your account via the Sage Portal is typically for the latest CRM version (i.e. CRM 2023 at this time) and the license key is version specific.  If you are planning to install an older CRM version to be compatible with the older Sage 100 version, then you may need to reach out to Sage Support regarding your correct CRM license key to use for the CRM version you are installing.

    Finally, if the question was in regard to setting up the Sage 100 integration with Sage CRM (within Sage 100), the following article has the overall steps, you may want to consult with a Sage Partner, CRM consultant, and/or Sage Expert Services for additional help as needed.

    Here is a link to the Sage Knowledgebase Article "How to set up CRM module/CRM Integration in Sage 100 & Sage 100 Company integration with Sage CRM" - Solution ID: 224924550064503.

    View article

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    DGR: More than I could have asked for.

    I was just playing around with the CRM in an old development environment.

    I downloaded the free Microsoft SQL Express SQL server to see if it would hook up and sync some data.

    It appears they are talking, but then a message displayed "Please start the integration engine".

    The engine is running as a services.

    I think I have the CRM Server options set correctly in Sage.

    I'm looking for an install/setup guide to reference.

    I will look at the links your provided, hopefully I can find the culprit.

    Very many thanks for the doc references, links and comments.