• Purchase Order Printing

    When I print the purchase order it does not show the item description on the purchase order. How do I fix it to show the description on the purchase order? Thanks
  • Sage100 - Copy Custom AP Check Form to all company codes.

    I was trying to use Report Manager to copy the form from the company code that I created it in to all companies. It shows in the Report Manager and after I create the form code in the other company it is using the standard form. I have 250 companies that…
  • New Forms

    I did create a new form in sage 100, but how can I make it appear in the report setting list. I am using Sage 100 2013 V 5.008.00, ( We will upgrade soon the 2016) Thank you for your help. Joe
  • Multi-Part printers on forms such as Sales Order Invoice Printing

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this question. We have about 10 locations that all do the same process. These locations have their own printers. I am trying to st up a single form which will print 3 copies. One copy will be directed to the…