How to map UDFs from the JT_Transaction Entry DIST through to Lot/Serial Transaction History


I have added UDF's to the JT_Transaction Entry Dist table and added it to the Serial Distribution Panel in Work Ticket Completion.  That works fine.  However, I can't see how to map the UDFs to Lot/Serial Transaction History.  Does anyone know the table I need to add the UDFs to inorder to Map it through?

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    Then it might not be possible yet, which somewhat makes sense.  PM was initially developed as a replacement for WO (without adding new features), and UDF's in the old WO module were very limited.  I just checked v2022 business objects and it doesn't appear possible there either.

    You might have to wait until a future release.  Be sure to add something to the Ideas site, so Sage knows this is a feature you want.