Item Codes

My company has decided to stop assigning item codes to incoming raw materials and instead use generic codes ie: /LAMINATE,  /HARDWARE etc.  The reason for this change is to be able to issue the receipts directly to a job upon the item being received. This has gone sideways the way they were doing it before, but this seems like it would cause all kind of problems down the road.  Can someone give me some insight as to why this would not be a good idea.  I have a few ideas, but would like to see what the community thinks.  They have created a spreadsheet to capture transaction and receiving history.  Thanks!

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    When you say receive items to a job, are you using Job Cost, Work Order, Production Management (prior to v2022); Production Management v2022, or Operations Management?  And if Operations Management, Make to Order or Make to Stock?  Are you not able to issue "inventory" to your jobs if they are defined as real inventory item codes?