Negative Inventory with steps to reproduce. Sage, please fix this!

We're having a negative inventory quantity issue/bug with Sage MAS 100 SQL. We can easily reproduce it, steps are outlined below. The version we're testing with is 2021 PU2, we could try the latest version but I believe it will be the same issue (I don't see a fix in release notes)

Inventory goes to negative simply doesn't make sense. Will have troubles dealing with auditors. I would like to have Sage fix this issue with a product update.

We've contacted Sage as well, and the rep wasn't really of any help. Asked us to try Private Batch (LOL really), or post it here for enough up-votes? I guess if you have the same problem and want Sage to fix it, please up-vote it. Will try to call Sage again, to get a different rep and see how that goes.

I really hope Sage can fix this issue, it's been plaguing us for 10+ years.

Steps to reproduce:

*Average Valuation* - An item with only 100 qty on hand.


1. Create transaction entry (Adjustment), remove 100 qty from an item (-100 qty)

2. Saves transaction entry (don’t post yet)

(Note: also happens with PO Return of Goods entry)


1. Before user#1 posted the transaction entry, user#2 created a sales order with the same item, and invoiced the entire 100 qty

2. User #2 updated/posted the invoiced batch, now the qty in Item Inquiry shows 0


1. Posts the transaction entry

2. Sage subtracts the 100 qty from the transaction entry, and now shows -100 under Item Inquiry

*Lot Serial* - An item with only 100 qty on hand


1. Create transaction entry (Adjustment), remove 100 qty from the lot (distribute)

2. Saves transaction entry (it needs to be saved)

3. Re-open the transaction entry, delete the line (or change the line to a different item code) that was created in step 1 above, but leave the transaction entry window open, don't do anything else. (At this point, Sage already releases the distribution)


1. User#2 created a sales order, invoice the order. Since the 100 qty was released from distribution, we can successfully distrbute the entire 100 qty onto the invoice.

2. Save the invoice and post. At this point, Item Inquiry shows 0 for the lot. (Note: the user can just leave the invoice saved and post at a later time, will be the same result)


1. While still in the original Transaction Entry window with the line item code deleted in the entry, for whatever reason, the user now decides to Cancel the Transaction Entry

2. Upon cancelling the transaction entry, the 100 qty that was previously saved, got reverted, so Sage re-distributed back the 100 qty onto the lot

3. User proceeds to post the Transaction Entry. Since the 100 qty was already taken by user#2's SO, posting this Transaction Entry will result in a negative 100 qty on the lot.

(Note: we have about 50 users in the system. So, this is a multi-user environment, where it's very hard to control who gets priority to do things over others, or if I should wait for you to do this first and then do my job.)

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    Have you opened a support ticket with Sage Software to discuss your concerns?  Sage does allow inventory items to go negative; depending on the inventory valuation method.  

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    Both Average cost and Lot Cost can go to negative. I'm not sure if Sage allows this on purpose or if this is a feature of Sage. But it certainly doesn't help our company with the reports and auditors questioning those item codes.

    I opened a ticket, no help from Sage so far. They came in and looked at it, essentially wanted to have more people on Sage City to have the same issue, in order to fix it. It sounds like this problem is not a problem, until more people is having this problem. To me, it's just no matter how they explain it, negative inventory just doesn't make sense. And not everyone with this problem checks Sage city either, many companies probably just blindly get their accounting to adjust it out.

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    You can register at the Sage Ideas Site:
    This allows you to vote for existing enhancements, or to write up your own.  There is already a few that come up with the key words:  "Negative Inventory Control". 

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    Hey, thanks for the link. Is this the official Sage thing? And looks like there's one that requests for preventing inventory from going negative, has gathered 100+ votes on it already. It's just not as detailed though.

    I'll probably create a new one anyways, what we're really looking for is more of a bug fix, not any type of enhancement. It's just very surprising when Sage would sort of acknowledge this issue over the phone, but then they still put their customer through this sort of Internet votes thing. We pay over $44K USD per year for the support/maintenance for gods sake, wondering if we should just stop paying it.

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    Negative inventory is sometimes necessary, if you want to finalize a sale but receiving hasn't done their posting yet (or the transfer from one warehouse to another hasn't been posted yet...).  Working as designed.

    However, this should never be allowed in Lot/Serial valuation.  Given your steps to reproduce, Sage should be able to patch that incorrect behavior.  We've experienced this kind of thing multiple times over the years, but have never been able to nail down the steps to demonstrate the issue to Sage.

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    I can understand the situation where inventory is not ready, and business wants to complete the sale ahead of time. No arguments here, and Sage has the option under Role Maintenance -> Module Options -> Sales Order, Allow to Exceed Quantity On Hand.

    However, my particular example with the Average cost, I had the option Allow to Exceed Quantity on Hand turned off under Sales Order. The negative quantity did not come from a Sales Order, it came from a Transaction Entry that posted to remove the inventory.

    Now if Sage wants to allow this behavior, we would need an option to "Allow to Exceed Quantity On Hand" under Inventory Management as well. That way, when companies still wants to intentionally go negative by removing inventory from Transaction Entry, they still can, but for us, we would want it turned off.

    Additional note with the Lot/Serial valuation, there's actually more than one way to cause this issue. On the User#1 Step 3, if the user re-opens the saved Transaction Entry, instead of deleting the existing line, he/she can just change that existing line to a new item code, and then later on cancel out of the Transaction entry. That'll produce the same problem.

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    The Sales Order Role Security Option "Allow to Exceed Quantity On Hand" is related to Sales Order Entry only, and has nothing to do with Shipping or allowing (or disallowing) an item to go negative. This security event "allows the user to enter and accept a quantity that is greater than the quantity available".  

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    There are really two separate issues here:

    • General control over allowing negative QoH.
    • A programming loophole / bug, allowing certain steps to throw off the quantity committed in a Lot #, allowing over distribution and negative inventory (when Lot valuation should always block negative QoH).
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    OK, do we agree that if this is by design for the Average cost items, then we should at least get an option to "turn this off"?

    And for the lot/serial items, it's pretty obvious that it's a bug.