Comparing Cost on Sales Order Drop Shipped line to the corresponding PO line

I've been asked to compare the cost on Sales Order lines marked for Drop Ship with the corresponding lines on the Purchase Order.  The Purchase Order number is referenced, but I don't see how Sage is associating the individual lines of the PO and SO.  

Here's an example of the discrepancies I'm hoping to find:  The below is a drop ship order.


SalesOrderNo ItemCode QuantityOrdered UnitCost PurchaseOrderNo
0271247 Widget A 211.00 317.24 0208235


PurchaseOrderNo ItemCode QuantityOrdered UnitCost SalesOrderNo
0208235 Widget A 211.00 4.96 0271247

(The user was expecting the item to be "per foot" but a previous user ordered this item as 1pc instead of 211ft.  This cause average costing to display unit cost as 317.24 instead of 4.96 - which totally wacked out COGS)

Our system is Sage 100 2021 Premium and includes JobOps (ie. Operation Management - however these SO's do not have work tickets so JobOps is not in play here.)

We are using the average cost method.

Any ideas on how to associate the PO line with the SO line?

Thank you.

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    If your Sales Order Line Item is set to "drop ship", and your Purchase Order Type is set to Drop Ship, then the unit costs of the two are independent. If you want them to be the same for reporting purposes, then you must update the sales order cost with the purchase cost before invoicing the customer sales order. 

    * When you "sell" the item, the GL Posting is DR to AR Receivables and CR to Revenue.  No posting to Inventory or Cost of Goods.  The reference for COGS on the Drop Ship Sales Order Line is "information only", no GL posting.  
    * When you process the PO ROG and ROI, that is when the Cost of Goods is posted, at the actual received/invoiced unit cost.  The posting is Debit to COGS and Credit to Accounts Payable.  

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    Well, that explains a lot.  Thank you. 

    Unfortunately, it calls into question profitability reporting for all drop ship orders.. and I'm still left with the original problem of trying to catch the error before AP and AR invoicing.  

    I may be able to summarize the cost shown on the SO by DS Vendor and then summarize the PO's by vendor per Sales Order and flag if the 2 summaries don't match.  It won't be able to tell me what is wrong, only that something may be wrong....  I guess its better then what I have now.

    Thanks again.

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    Consider setting up a Drop Ship Work Ticket Class if you have JobOps.  Then a Drop Ship Parent Item (even a /Misc could work).  In SO Entry, enter the Parent WT Item (/DROP), create a Work Ticket, then on the Work Ticket, enter the items to be drop shipped and turn on the PO Flag.  

    Create your PO shipping to the **** Address (the Sales Order Address); (like a drop ship order).

    All costs are tied back to the item on the sales order.  When you receive the vendor invoice do PO Receipt of Goods and PO Receipt of Invoice which moves the costs into WIP for that sales order. 

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    Are you using the Auto Generate function?  If so, look for the SO# in the PO line, and the PO# in the SO line.

    With UoM issues, look for the conversion factor (line value) to make sure you are using the same base.

    If you want linking down to the line, try something like this (which doesn't work in retrospect, but could make future reports more reliable):