Duplicate SO (PO's) being imported via True Commerce EDI in Citrix environment

Upgraded from Sage 100c Advanced v2019.2 to v2022.1 on new Win2022 ERP server and separate Win2019 Citrix server. 

When we import EDI PO's from True Commerce Transaction Manager v2 integration into Sage 100 which become SO, of course, we get duplicate SO (not on all imports, but any larger than say 4-5 records at one time).

Of course, TC will only help us so much and our Citrix support tech has verified it's Citrix Reference/Master server and push out to Citrix Clients/Catalog servers and has no information as to why they would duplicate either.

Anyone experience this?  It worked fine on our old Sage v2019 and old Citrix environment.

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    Duplicate Sales Orders (PO's) are being imported via True Commerce Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in a Citrix environment. This issue may be caused by a technical glitch or human error, such as multiple clicks on the import button. The duplication can cause confusion and may require manual intervention to resolve.