ShipWeight not recorded anymore

I have a crystal report I wrote that pulls field 33 ShipWeight from AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.

On 9/5/23, my business partner went in and added UPS as a shipping method.  He claims he did not touch anything that would affect this field but cannot remember all that he touched. 

On 9/6/23, there are no more ShipWeights populated in Sage 100.  

In SO_InvoiceHeader, the ShipWeight field is empty.

We have the IIG Warehouse Automation add-on.  They store the weight of each box shipped in SO068_SAPDailyManifestDetail.  IIG claims they did not touch anything (no server access, so I believe them), but the weight no longer seems to move SO068_SAPDailyManifestDetail to SO_InvoiceHeader to AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader.  IIG claims they do not use the SO_InvoiceHeader table with weight.

Any thoughts on what setting might have been set that would stop the weight from being added to SO_InvoiceHeader?  IIG thinks this is probably base Sage and not something they touch.  I am wondering if I try to write a new CR that pulls the manifest data, but that history file is big and I would have to pull the header and detail and then sum the weight for each package where it was already there in the invoice history header and not such a timesink for pulling the data into Crystal. 

Thank you