Open Sales Order Analysis

I am looking to sort my open orders in a specific way that I cannot figure out with the standard open sales order report/open orders by item report. I would like to sort all the open orders first by product line. Then when I have all the open orders for product line 'X' filtered, I would like to sort them by ship date. Ideally, I could have a total sum for quantity of a specific product line within a window of dates but that is not necessary. I am new to sage so please be patient with me. Any advice would be great. Thank you.  

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    Create a new "verison of the report" by choosing "Save As".  In Crystal Reports, in that saved as version, go ahead and add new groupings for your Product Line an dthen set the sort the way you like.  If you are not familiar with Crystal Reports, you should reach out to your Sage 100 Consultant or Reseller of Record for assistance.