qty after shipping SOs vs ON HAND

hello guys!!!

I have a trouble, im new in using SAGE100 but i can't identify teh difference between qty on Hand vs Qty after shipping SOs???

Someone help me to explain what is the meaning of qty after shipping SOs??

I mean, for example:

I can see in SAGE system 100 pieces On Hand of "XXX" item, but in phisic i have 50 pieces i have 50 pieces in sales order too, and SAGE show 50 pieces AVAILABE!!!

But when i download the MRP report the system show me the available pieces like QTY AFTER SHIPPING SOs i should take this qty like my real On Hand???

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    Quantity on Hand = Quantity you own, an asset of the company.
    Quantity on Sales Order = Quantity committed to sales orders.

    Quantity Available = Quantity On Hand less Sales Order Commitments (not yet shipped).
    Quantity In Shipping = Quantity that is already boxed and ready to invoice to your customer.
    Quantity On Hand Less Shipping = the remaining quantity on hand once your shipment leaves.  On Hand less what you are shipping.