Paya Credit Card Settlement amounts are incorrect

Has anyone have this happen to them? The Credit Card settlement report shows a lower amount than what the credit card payment screen showed when the card was processed.

This is the second time this happened, but the first time Paya deposited more than what the credit card payment screen showed.



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    In October the deposits from Paya were combined in weird ways. Not sure if that's what you're referring to?

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    Hi There,

    I will ask my client to check on that. It only happened twice, once Paya give them about $5 more than the invoice, the last time they paid them about $20 less than the invoice. The amount that Paya seems to charging is the full invoice amount, per the Sales Order Payment Screen, but on those two occasions the Settlement Report was a different amount, which is what was actually paid. The amounts were found during a bank rec, when the cash was off by these amounts. Paya said to call Sage. Sage said to call Paya.