Sage 100 Inventory Module Setup

How do you setup FEFO

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    Not familiar with that term, FEFO.  Are you instead referring to FIFO (Inventory Valuation, First In - First Out)?  That is one of the six valuation methods you can assign to an inventory item code in Item Maintenance. 

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    FEFO is for Lot numbered items, First Expired First Out.

    You can enable Expiration Date tracking in Inventory Management Options, then also on the Product Lines.  Once it's turned on, you can select lots by Expiration date when issuing products.

    Any automation for leading the picker to the first expiration date would likely be in your third party WMS system, like Scanco/Scanforce.  You can also add the Expiration dates to the Picking Tickets and sort them by date if desired.

    Also, these options came out a few versions ago, so if you have an older version of Sage, you may not have these options yet.