ReOrder Points

We have set reorder points on all our products we inventory, these items are flagged by a udf in CI_Item.  The reorder point report in Sage looks kind of clunky to me and I was trying to get a notification to order items below the reorder point.  I've read a few other post on this and nothing seems to stand out as best practice.  We do have IRP that will generate the PO when we run it, but still need something to bring it to the purchasers attention.  I did create a spreadsheet pulling data from IM_ItemWarehouse with a few filters and I was going to set a bat file on the windows task scheduler to open the excel file on the specific employee in charge of reordering.  I did see something about scripting to notify a user an item is below the reorder point but, it looks like it would be the user entering the item in SO.  Any better ideas other than purchasing a third party solution.