Report designer add -in formulas not updating?

Started working on a new income statement format.   As I added in the formulas everything was working great.   Stopped and saved (create and link template) and left for a short period of time.

Came back,  refreshed the data and all formulas are now returning #NAME?

If I edit the formula in a cell by just entering an extra space.   The data returned is OK again in that one cell.   Spreadsheet is set to Automatic Recalc.  Hitting F9 does nothing.

Report Designer Add-in 1.0.0 and Report Designer Add-in 1.0.0 (Custom Task Pane Helper) claim to be active  BI generator and PLDRILL.Connect also appear to be active as well.

The report designer lists and formulas pane is present at the right and appear to work.   (Now that I say that,  after starting over again,  I note that the pane is now missing?  And the editing trick does not work.  Which of course suggests that the Report Designer add in is not loaded?  Used the license manager to delete the license and register and I'm now back to just the #NAME? result be returned.)

Excel 2007,   Intelligence for Sage 100 2013 (5.0)

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