• Intelligence stopped refreshing data when changing Period or Year. Any ideas how to fix it?

    Sage intelligence has stopped refreshing when I change the Period or Year. I have formulas linked to a Year and Period so that changing either cell with the Year or Period changes the data to that time frame. It worked fine in a previous report version…
  • Custom Reports- The database login failed. No error

    We are having an issue where we are modifying a custom report in Crystal (minor change such as adding a column) and adding the updated report back into sage. Users are not able to run the custom report anymore. The get a "The database login failed. No…
  • Display Dashboard

    I was able to setup my Maintenance Wizard, but when I go into Display Dashboard, I get " Can't Reach this page" make Sure the web address is correct.
  • Sage Enterprise Intelligence w/Sage 100 Providex

    Looking for other users that use Sage 100 Std (providex) with Sage Enterprise Intelligence. I'm working with Tangerine and they are having trouble connecting the data sync to my odbc connection.
  • Some cells not calculating correctly

    Have a client that's been using Sage Intelligence for several years. After upgrading Sage 100 to the 2019 version and moving to a new server, one report is not calculating correctly. Most rows are fine, but we have a range calculation that's not including…
  • sql server new connection

    How do I add a new connection to a sql server in the same network as Sage 100 cloud?