Need a local user to run task scheduler unattended

I can open the task scheduler and run tasks but I need to set an unattended task.  I need a local user to authenticate unattended   I do not have the SAGE Administrator password or have the rights to create a user with the correct rights..

These are the rights I need

Any suggestions?

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    You do not need the Sage Administrator password to set up new users.  Make sure your user has Local Admin rights to the system.

    The first user that was created that spun up the VM should automatically have Admin rights (subsequent users that you grant access to Local Admin will need to be manually added into the Administrators group).  Add your new user through Computer Management and you should be set.  You won't be able to log in with that user directly unless you connect manually to the VM (the Landing Page uses Sage ID and the users created through the portal), but you should be able to set up a service or something using that user.  You can then add that new user into the Administrators group or any other group on that computer.  Add the user into Sage 100 so it's able to access data.