Couldn't install (when trying to run office deployment tool on terminal server)


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    found the solution for our VM to install Office in Terminal Server.  The instructions from Microsoft are not very intuitive :-).  Please try these instructions and see if you can get it installed.  You will need to have a proper license key after installation or you won't be able to start any of the Office apps (but at least they'll be installed!).  Here is a link to a video he found online:

    Install Process

    1) When you click on the download link you originally provided,

    it just downloads the setupodt.exe and config files, 3 options to install.

    We choose the Office 2019 Enterprise.  replace the .xml below where appropriate

    If you choose to install something else.


    2) Next you need to download the product to install via a command line

    setupodt.exe /download configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml

    This will give you the Office folder below


    3) then after download you need to execute the install

    setupodt.exe /configure configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml


    In the video,  the .exe used to be called setup.exe, it’s now setupodt.exe.


    Note that for each user that starts an Office app through Sage 100, the first time in, they will get an error 88.  This is because there are some terms and conditions that need to be accepted before you can use the Office apps.  Once you accept the terms, run the process again and the error will go away.  We'll see if there's a way to trap that error in a future release.