Is the procedure to update from 2020 PU1, in SPC, to Sage 100 2021 or Sage 100 2022?

Is the proper procedure the same in the cloud program as the update to the Sage 100 Standard, download and install?

Looking to update client to the later version of 2021, Sage 100. I can download and run the Sage 100 Standard update, but I wish to confirm that this is the same package as that of the Sage 100 Sage Partner Cloud.

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    The normal Sage 100 install package can be used with the parallel migration process to upgrade a SPC site to a newer version of Sage 100.

    here are several extra steps required to complete the process on the SPC site to minimize the disruption for users. I have documented the process but have not published yet.

    Please contact me directly at my sage email and I can send you a copy of the document - be sure to include the version of Sage 100 you want to upgrade to.



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    If you are using Sage 100 through the Sage Partner Cloud, the update process may be different. In a cloud-based environment, updates are typically managed by the service provider or hosting company. They will handle the installation and management of updates to ensure all clients are on the latest version. As a client, you usually don't need to download or run the update package yourself. Instead, the service provider will handle the update process for you.