Can I add Custom Crystal Reports which connect to SQL?

All my current Crystal Reports in MAS 200 pull from the ODBC datasource.  I have an SQL server with some tables in it.  I created a report which pulls data from the SQL database it runs fine outside of MAS.  However I cannot seem to run it within MAS.  Any ideas?


  • I was told by Sage that MAS does not like internal reports linked to outside tables. I put it in the Custom Reports folder and it wouldn't work. I added it as a task on the menu.



  • One of the issues is that when you try to run it the report engine will attempt to update the report to the current version. Since the report is not based on MAS tables this will fail. You can try putting in the key words "Converted to version 4.30" in the Summay Information area. This will stop the program from attempting to upgrade and MIGHT allow you to run the report.
  • BL,

    That's exactly what happened when I tried to run it.



  • Can you use MS Access to link to your SQL tables? If so, you should be able to add a report to the Custom Reports menus that links to the MS Access database using the "Database Files" method instead of "ODBC (RDO)" method. 


    SOTAMAS90 is the only ODBC source allowed, but a different source can be used by manually changing the Keywords field in "Summary Info..." to say "Converted to version 4.30".

  • I've tried adding ODBC data sources other than SOTAMAS90, but they would not work inside MAS90 at run time.  With what ODBC data sources other than SOTAMAS90 have you been successful?
  • For ODBC datasources other than SOTAMAS90, I link them inside an Access database. Then in Crystal, I base my report off of a "DATABASE FILE" not an ODBC datasource and pick the Access database -- which I choose from a UNC path so that it is fully accessible. 


    Then I can change the keyword to "Converted to version 4.30" and put it on the MAS menu.