Clear understanding of the user license count...?


I have a customer (2018 Premium, 100c) complaining about user license count issues, when we recently added a couple seats to deal with the extra connections.  What I have always found to be unclear is the number listed in the various screens / menus, with Sage 100 system consuming licenses by design.

Partner portal shows 14.  Perfect.  This includes the newly added users.

System Configuration (Modules tab) shows "Number of Registered User Licenses" of 16.  I've seen the number inflated before but never understood why this is done (with an official clear explanation).

*info shows "Total User Licenses" of 14.  Now, should this be 16, like the System Configuration number?  Or is it a true number (without any reserved system users included), properly matching the user count the customer is paying for?

The root problem is that Master Console is showing 11 Active Users, with new connections being denied, and I need to know whether there are hidden connections (bypassing the service / Master Console), or whether the system registration is not correct (14 vs 16 in the *info screen).

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    There aren't any stray pvxwin32 processes, and I've even checked for direct MAS90 mode processes (which occasionally pop-up for this customer with an external plug-in by True Commerce), but they're still consistently 2-3 short.

    My main question is whether the "14" I am seeing in *info is the problem... and really a question for Sage.  From comparison with other systems, this "14" should be "16".  I created a case with Sage, but the answer I received initially was mainly generic, not the technical reply I was hoping for.