VI import item descriptions with inch symbol


I have a need to import new inventory parts that have the inch symbol as part of the description.  The file was given to me as an Excel file so when I save it as a csv it puts double quotes in the description.   

Example:  Mating Deck 12" X 1 1/2""

I remember years ago that someone shared with me a way to import using VI and being able to correct this.  I believe we had to replace the quote symbols in the Excel file with a different symbol, save as csv, then in the VI job it somehow replaced the different symbol and changed it back to the quotes.  I can't seem to find my instructions.  It was a very long time ago.  The file has almost 30,000 parts in it so I really don't want to edit it in Notepad.  

Does anyone have any instructions on how to do this?  I checked the Knowledgebase but couldn't find anything.



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