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I'm trying to create a VI Import job to bring in some general journal entries but can't seem to figure out to grab the next Entry No automatically like I can with Batch Numbers and Invoice Numbers.  I can't get them to import properly without actually adding an Entry No column into my import file and setting something in it.  These are the fields I'm assigning and pulling from the data file.  Right now it's setup to pull that Entry No from the file, but I want it to not require that to be added to every file.  Any ideas?

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    Generally speaking, "Next" functionality won't work unless you have at least one H column set as Replace.  It can be a temp field that isn't used anywhere, pointing at a column that doesn't exist... but it has to be part of the VI job. 

    Remember, "Next" triggers on a change in an "H" field value, so if you want to split your import into multiple entries, there has to be something in the source data for the grouping.

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    You are absolutely correct!  I simply added one field from the file to assign to one of the header fields and everything else worked beautifully after that.  I assumed that assigning the header fields directly (all being the same) would be that grouping key that was required but it doesn't appear to work that way.  Thanks for the help!