Sage 100 2022 sota.ini will not work with server name. Only IP address


We are upgrading from 2017 to 2022 and have run into one small problem.  For some reason the workstation program will not work if the DNS server name is used in the [Servers] section of the sota.ini file.

This works:


1=Sage2022;9922;APS=SAGE;APPLICATION=Sage 100;Path=\\\Sage\Sage100_2022Adv\MAS90\

This does not:


1=Sage2022;9922;APS=SAGE;APPLICATION=Sage 100;Path=\\ServerName\Sage\Sage100_2022Adv\MAS90\

In addition, the Database Directory field in the ODBC settings also requires the IP address.  All other settings use the server name without issue.

DNS appears to be configured correctly.  Pinging the server name returns the correct IP address as does an nslookup.

We can work around this but hate to use a static IP as opposed to DNS.  Any ideas?