Set Up 1099 Boxes Based On an Existing Year

I know the below are instrcutions to create 1099 boxes based on an existing year.

However, I accidentally clicked "No" in step 4 when I tried to setup Year 2022 and 2023.

And I'm not getting the prompts again. How do I setup 1099 boxes now?

Is there another way? 

To set up 1099 boxes based on an existing year

  1. Select Accounts Payable Setup menu > Accounts Payable Options.

  2. Select the 1099 Reporting check box. For more information, see Accounts Payable Options - Fields.

  3. In the Default 1099 Calendar Year field, enter the calendar year to set up.

  4. A message appears asking if you want to create 1099 boxes for the year entered based on an existing year. Click Yes.

  5. In the Accounts Payable Options window, click Accept.

The 1099 boxes are set up for the new calendar year.