SAGE 100 2023.0 PM Dynamic Inventory

02/2021 - Original W/O to PM (J/T) conversion / install SAGE100c v2021 -Advanced / Dynamic Inventory turned on.  Several issues resulted from turning this on.  Reverted back to batch issue.

01/2022 - Upgraded to v2022.1 converting to SAGE PM initial version and chose for Dynamic Inventory to remain off.  We fight negative quantities in inventory using the batching material issue method due to not being able to block overdist.  Fought negative average costing issue with FIFO layers in this version so partner suggested upgrade to 2023 for PM imporovements and correct costing issue.

08/2023 - We are now on v2023 and wondering - 

a)  Anyone using this version that utilizes PM?

b)  Dynamic Inventory is enabled?  Any "features" to watch out for?

c)  Does Dynamic Inventory also blindly over issue materials to WT's if the quantity is not available on hand?

d)  Anyone know a good PM Anonymous group...I am at step 1!

Update - Solution ID:  230712223131113

PM Daily Materials Usage Register does not perform GL Segment Substitution when Post by Warehouse is enabled in Product Line Maintenance

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Fixed in version and when available for download

1. Use WT Transaction Entry Material issues instead of Dynamic Inventory but that takes away a big feature - Dynamic Inventory - so not really a workaround.

2. Enter GL journal entries to reclassify to the correct GL account.