Sage 100 - 2022 Desktop

Some questions on the 2022 interface.


The tabs feature in 2014 is a better how do I delete the default Taskview items?

Are the default taskview items configurable based on the user type. There is no reason to display all the taskview items unless a user has rights to view the data behind them.

Web content window:

We don't allow RDS Sage users to use the internet for browsing. How can I disable and remove the internet tab (Sage information) or features which would allow users to browse the internet through the Sage 2022 application.

It appears certain interface features are only available with a Sage 100c subscription. Are you serious?

My suspicion is the Sage 100 application development efforts are leading to Intaact. Can someone shed light on this assumption?

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    So I'm the only one who has issues with the new Sage 100 2022 interface. Perhaps someone can send me a link to a video on how to use and configure the gui.


    Why such tight integration with Microsoft Office? Can I export to other office tools, Libre Office? Direct CSV exports when Office dll's aren't found?

    I'm doing integration work with Intaact, It's very simple to export to a csv file. Guessing this is because it's in hosted land and Office may not exist.

    Granted, I've made a large jump from Sage 100 2014, but the 2022 interface gets a thumbs down so far. It's almost like someone had a sale on gui

    interface objects, and Sage bit hook line and sinker.

    PUBLIC Favorites: (what?)

    Prior we had Public folders in the TaskView and Private folders in the TaskView. Depending on how those folders were defined (Public or Private), the

    tasks would show up on all the users TaskView or only local to the specific user.

    I'll need to fix that. Is that possible still? (without a subscription) haha

    Help me out here...wheres the discusion, if not on this forum