Typing in ItemCode field slow when AutoComplete enabled

This past weekend I performed the upgrade from Standard 2016 to Premium 2016.  After the upgrade typing out item codes in any ItemCode field (IM/SO/PO/ETC) is extremely slow while it builds the autocomplete drop down.  Roughly 1-3 seconds between each character.  With Autocomplete disabled typing returns to normal.

Is there a way to rebuild the autocomplete data or any known fix for this?

Note that Autocomplete for Customer Name works fine.

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    Look on the Auto-Complete tab of user maintenance. You can turn it off for Items, leaving it on for Customers / Vendors. I'd guess the performance hit is because your item table is much larger than your customer table.
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    My reseller also thought this, however it was fine in 2016 Standard. Also it was fine during our initial change to premium. We first migrated once to premium so I could fix all of my custom code and external apps, auto complete worked fine in that environment. Then when it was time to go live, I did the migration again, this time only migrating data. Not a big deal in Item Maintenance for us.

    Since I disabled Auto-Complete at the system level it will not let me even select the tab in user maintenance, so I'll have to test and verify this at a later time.

    Thank you.
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    Each keystroke is a new query, and if there is any latency between your workstations / Sage service / the SQL database it would be quite noticeable with this feature.