resend direct deposit pay stubs


Email to employees disrupted by internet problems, now I need to resend the pay stubs. How can I do this?



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    Launch the Employee Viewer task, select the Company Code and Form Type as Direct Deposit Stub.  You can enter the date range from and to as the date of the stubs.  Click Refresh.

    If you didn't use a date range in the selection you can sort the list by Stub No. by clicking on the column header to group the stubs together.

    Highlight the row with the first stub, hold down the shift key and use the down arrow to select the lines for the stubs to resend.  Click the Electronic Delivery button (Envelope) on the right side of the list.

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    Hi, Steve

    Thanks for your quick reply. The stubs were sent, but our internet connection crashed, so they couldn't be sent to external email addresses. The stubs are all flagged as "sent" in the viewer. I refresh for the date, and select the stubs as you describe. I get a message in red giving me the number of stubs I've selected. I click on the email icon, but when the email dialog opens, the "Send" button is greyed out and I can't send them.

    Is that because they're all marked as sent?


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    The Send button will be greyed out when one or more of the required fields is not set on the Electronic Delivery for Forms dialog.

    You have to have a 'From E-mail Address' entered.  You have to either check 'Use E-mail Message' or enter a 'Subject Line' value.

    Once that is done the Send button will enable.

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    Perfect! Worked like a charm! My (and 141 employees) thanks!