Incorrect Direct Deposit Information Showing Pay Stub

Incorrect direct deposit account information is showing on several employees' pay stubs.  However, the ACH file reports the correct account information.  These employees have multiple direct deposit accounts.  However, not all employees with multiple direct deposit accounts have this problem.  How could I fix this for the employees experiencing the issue?

Thank you.

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    Incorrect as the amounts are switched between accounts, or incorrect as in apparently selected by throwing a dart on a dartboard?  When you say pay stubs, you mean the DD stubs, correct?

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    The account number and bank name that is showing on the DD stub are from an old account that is no longer used.  We have this account set at 0%.  The new account is set to 100%.  The ACH file has the correct account number and amount.  There is at least one employee with several direct deposit accounts whose correct account number, bank name, and amount show on their DD stub.

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    Try this:  rather than simply changing the old account to 0%...on the row for the old bank should have the "Pre-Note Sent" column marked to NO. (Rather than Yes or Approved)  This should eliminate the program from trying to use that account for anything.  

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