Job Cost Conversion to business frameworks - previously closed out costs repost

I had a fun week with upgrading my last non business framework job cost from 2017 to 2022.  Any open job at conversion that had been previously closed set all the billed flags to N in the JC3/Jc_jobtransationdetail.

This caused them to repost already posted data.  We of course didn't find out that would happen until after 2 days of being live on the system so no rolling back.  I wasn't able to import in corrections into the JC_Jobtransactiondetail to fix.  We narrowed it down to only 6 more jobs (after the other 30 had posted) that would have the issues.

I tried calling Sage and they didn't have any suggestions.

Just giving a heads up in case anyone else has an old version of job cost out there waiting to cause you trouble.