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West Virginia's governor recently signed a bill reducing state income tax and the WV State Tax Dept issued new withholding tables.  I didn't see this update on the payroll tax update report for the update installed yesterday (3/21/23) or today (3/22/23).  Any idea when we can expect the WV Withholding to be updated in Sage 100?

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    AKING- I received this reply from a support case. So I am assuming there will not be an update in April 2023:

    "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Can you send us a link or send us the documentation for West Virginia lowering the state taxes? I know you mentioned Bill 2526 but we need to have legal documentation in order to effect a change.
    Would you please send any documentation that you have showing when this has gone into effect and any rate change, etc.
    Please understand that there are so many states and cities and counties that have tax changes constantly and sometimes the only way we know about it is when our customers bring it to our attention. Thank you! We appreciate your diligence in bringing this to our attention.
    Keep in touch!

    Thanks again for contacting Sage. To monitor the progress of your concern, simply click on the document below at any time for updates or follow the directions within the document to have updates sent to you.
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    Kind regards,"

    Not a good look for Sage 100 Payroll... 

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    Thank you so much for letting me know.  I am astonished.  I thought we were supposed to rely on Sage for proper payroll processing and withholding and not the other way around. Upside down

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