IM_QTY Inconsistency

Still having issues with incorrect data in IM.  Items are on SO's but are not showing the correct quantities on the header tab under "On SO".  Rebuilt sort files last night, not sure if I can try something else or do I need to report to SAGE?  This item has 4 orders open but showing 0 on the "On SO".

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    One quick question, how are these orders entered into the system? Manual entry, import with VI, EDI?

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    These that are displayed are imported through Insynch, I deleted one order and reentered manually to see if it would fix itself and the order I entered manually did not show in the "on SO" field either.

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    in certain circumstances the qty on sales order field is not updated as it is with manual entry so you have to rebuild the sorts almost daily. That is how it is with VI, might be same with Insynch 

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    Haven't had an issue until a couple weeks ago since we upgraded in March, all data looked correct from March-Sept., nothing major changed.  We added Sage Alerts, some queries to pull data from PO Header/Details, added some scripts to SO Header/Details, I can't think of anything else.

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    Removed a script I added and then rebuilt sort files, assuming since this script touches the warehouse table it could be the culprit.  Not sure I understand why it would through numbers off that aren't even being affected by it though.

    'table pre-totals need to make sure boxes are unchecked'
    'If oSession.CompanyCode = "TST" then
    	If oBusObj.EditState = 2 then
    	sType = ""
    	nCustomerNo = ""
    	cNewHire = ""
    	dRushDate = ""
    	sCCheckBox = ""
    	sVendorNa = ""
    	sShiptext = ""
    	searchString = "picked up"
    	rVal = oBusObj.GetValue("OrderType$", sType)
    	r=oScript.DebugPrint("OrderType: " & sType)
    		If sType = "S" then
    		rVal = oBusObj.GetValue("CustomerNo$", nCustomerNo)
    			If nCustomerNo <> "2922000" and nCustomerNo <> "2668000" and nCustomerNo <> "2672000" and nCustomerNo <> "1096000" and nCustomerNo <> "0801000" and nCustomerNo <> "2517002" and nCustomerNo <> "1657000" and nCustomerNo <> 			"1942004" and nCustomerNo <> "3068000" and nCustomerNo <> "3079000" then
    			rVal = oBusObj.GetValue("UDF_SHIPPINGMESSAGE$", sShiptext)
    			r=oScript.DebugPrint("UDF_SHIPPINGMESSAGE: " & sShiptext)
    				If Instr(UCase(sShiptext), UCase(searchString)) =0 then
    				'rVal = oBusObj.GetValue("UDF_NEWHIRE$", cNewHire)
    				'r=oScript.DebugPrint("UDF_NEWHIRE: " & cNewHire)
    					'If cNewHire = "N" then
    					rVal = oBusObj.GetValue("UDF_NEEDDATE$", dRushDate)
    					r=oScript.DebugPrint("UDF_NEEDDATE:" & dRushDate)
    						If dRushDate = "" then
    						Set oLines = oSession.AsObject(oBusObj.Lines)
    						r=oScript.DebugPrint("After AsObject oSOLines ")
    						rVal = oLines.MoveFirst()
    						r=oScript.DebugPrint("After MoveFirst ")
    						Do Until cBool(oLines.EOF) 'Keep looping until record pointer is on last line'
    						rVal = oLines.GetValue("UDF_CCHECKBOX$", sCCheckBox)
    						r=oScript.DebugPrint("UDF_CCHECKBOX:" & sCCheckBox)
    							If sCCheckbox = "N" then
    							rVal = oLines.GetValue("UDF_VENDOR_NAME$", sVendorNa)
    							r=oScript.DebugPrint("UDF_VENDOR_NAME:" & sVendorNa)				
    								If sVendorNa = "LAPCO MFG. INC." then
    								rVal = oLines.SetValue("WarehouseCode$", "009")
    								rVal = oLines.SetValue("APDivisionNo$", "00")
    								rVal = oLines.SetValue("VendorNo$","0001226")
    								rVal = oBusObj.SetValue("UDF_ALLOCATED$","N")
    								rVal = oBusObj.SetValue("UDF_DATE_ALLOCATED$","")
    								rVal = oBusObj.SetValue("UDF_DATE_PRODUCTION_RECEIVED$","")	
    								rVal = oLines.SetValue("UDF_CCHECKBOX$", "Y")
    								rVal = oLines.Write()						
    								End if
    							End if
    						rVal = oLines.MoveNext()
    						'End if
    					End if
    				End if
    			End if
    		End if
    	End if
    'End if

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    Are the lines marked as Drop Ship?  Are the line items for the same warehouse?

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    The lines that are getting changed by the script are not drop ship lines.  On the SO we could possibly have multiple lines for the same warehouse but after the script runs it could change 1 line to the "other" warehouse.