This is our first year end with Sage 2019


I have already printed our all quarterly payroll reports and quarterly government reports.

I am waiting for tonight's backup before closing the quarter and year end.

I have heard that we should install the IRD before closing the quarter and year end.  Is that recommended?

Also, with the new version 2019, I have heard that we do not need to copy our payroll info into another company in order to print our W-2's and 1099's because we can print them out of the main company even after the year has been closed.  Is that true?

We have a payroll to process in a couple of days and so need to move on to our next steps.

Any advice?

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    If you are on 2019,  the IRD is only there for A/P 1099 printing.   It should be installed prior to printing 1099's.  I would install it prior to close, but I don't know that it is a requirement.

    Regarding payroll,  you really don't need to do a backup any more,  but I tend to advise doing it anyway.  Basically it can't hurt,  but if something unexpected happened it's nice to have it.

    Pretty much all reports can be printed after closing the year now.  W-2s and 1099's included.

    The one thing I discovered last year is that it is a good idea to close the year before processing a payroll in the new year if you have time off accruals.  If you don't it can mess those up relating to carryovers because the system can't distinguish between time earned in the current year and the prior year.