Is there any information on what's coming for Sage 100 v2022?

Is there any information that I've missed that outlines the expected new features in Sage 100 v2022? 

The latest Sage 100 Update Release Schedule shows March 2021 as the most likely release date but that's about all I've been able to find. Asking around and nobody else seems to have heard much of anything about release plans for Sage 100 2022.

Have I overlooked some information or is there a session scheduled to review what's coming in this release?

  • This is what I saw from Sage slides:

    • Production Management to Framework (completion)
    • Support for Standard edition running on SQL
    • Global Search
    • Projected Demand in IRP (work to be completed by Scanco)
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    That would be great to see the Standard edition run like Premium without the WindX piece.

    That makes hosting 100 more attractive. Does this mean 100 can be installed on each workstation and share a common SQL DB?

    This would allow a Windows 10 workstation to connect to a cloud SQL DB from on-premise or a cloud instance. 

    I have no love for WindX.

    Has anyone tried 64 bit Sage 100 yet?