Sage 300 Open Source SDK First Partner Contribution

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The Sage 300 Web SDK (SDK) is a collection of wizards, utilities, samples and documentation for developing Web Screens for the Sage 300 Application.

This article is about the first partner contribution to the SDK!

Ecosystem Benefits

As I mention in the README document for the SDK in GitHub:

All tools can only be so much to everyone in order to consider everyone’s based needs while providing functionality that is easy to use. The open sourcing of the SDK will allow the community to extend, enhance and tailor this SDK to their specific needs.

Sage wants this community to be successful in the conversion of their applications to the web paradigm. The open sourcing of the SDK will allow those who wish to contribute to the SDDK to do so in a way that not only addresses their needs, but potentially the needs of others as well. With this paradigm, Sage hopes to have a couple of outcomes:

    • Engagement and Excitement

      • Get ISVs and Partners involved by allowing an ownership stake

      • Generate excitement not only for themselves, but as an example for others to participate and contribute as well

      • The community can make the SDK more robust

    • Faster Pace to Improve/Enhance/Extend the SDK

      • Everyone benefits (Sage too!)

      • The SDK potentially gets uncompleted sections and areas to be completed

Making the first partner contribution is TaiRox!

TaiRox and the Merge ISV Project Utility

While in a recent discussion about the Merge ISV Project Utility (MergeISVProject.exe), TaiRox inquired about:

  • Adding an additional parameter to the utility in order for it to “not deploy to the local installation”

    • The idea is that the Deploy folder’s contents are only needed at this time

    • The absence of the optional parameter will allow for the utility to perform as before

  • Additionally, a few functions would like to be re-factored as the copy and deploy are currently co-mingled.

My response was “Go for it”!

I see the optional parameter as a nice addition to the utility and I’m all for atomic routines.

And, I certainly appreciated TaiRox giving me a heads-up on the “re-factoring” modification as it would have delayed acceptance of the change as I evaluated the purpose for the additional modifications.


While Sage has implemented modifications and enhancements to the SDK based upon feedback and suggestions from the community, congratulations goes to TaiRox for being the first to contribute to the SDK outside of Sage.

When we first started discussing the benefits of Open Source, this one was of our goals: participation from the community. Well done TaiRox!

Now, I wonder, who will be next?

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