Cannot Access Database 49153 database setup with server


Hi All.

I have error when i want connect new PC from sql.

Cannot Access Database 49153, it means the PC cannot read the sql server.

No issued with another PC, only problem from this PC.

But if i create ODBC, connection is sucsessfull, and change from database setup server to data source is connected.

My Question, why if i use server not connected? any solutions?

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    If you set the database(s) to use Server instead of ODBC, the system wants to create a System 32bit ODBC entry.  If you launch for the first time with non-administrative / power user permissions, the ODBC entry will likely not be created.
    Try the following:
    1. Set databases to Server (SQL connection)
    2. From the client, launch Database Setup - AS ADMINISTRATOR
    3. Click the Verify icon
    4. Select a database to verify

    If the above fails, there is an issue with the PC and workstation setup should be run again (as administrator).  If it connects and scans tables, the system will have created a 32bit server-level ODBC connection in the system section of the ODBC admin snap in and you should be good.

  • Hi, 

    ODBC is no problem, cannot connect for sage only when choose server at database setup

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