A problem occurred and a valid license for this product could not be found - New Installation Sage 300 2022 Update 2, No Payroll



We are installing Sage 300 2022 Update in a new server. We finished to install at server and run Sage 300 directly there and not a problem. We DBLoad/DBDump data there from Sage 300 2018 and concert also without a problem.

But when running Workstation Setup when we try to run Sage 300 we cant and get error : "A problem occurred and a valid license for this product could not be found"

All things related to that error are OK : access to shared data folder, server path is correct in the registry, user rights and permissions, valid licenses, icon with run as administrator, everyone at shared folder, etc

Not sure what the problem it is? We already uinstall/install Workstation setup with domain controller, local domain and put even those users in administration group but no luck.

Any idea? All programs at server and we run workstation setup

Thank you everyone

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    Check that the files under the folders have inherited the rights, ie check the LIC files etc.
    I had a new install recently where the folders all had inherited the correct rights, i could create text files in them but the individual files had not inherited the read\write and that error was coming up.  We had to explicitly give the rights at the file level then it all worked.