Closing Job Cost

Closing our Job Cost each month takes a few hours.  We have moved many records to the History JC tables.

1) Does the Closing of Job Cost look at both Current and History Tables?

2) If so, is there a way reduce the time it takes close?

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    Hello Kafricano, 

    In order to provide an answer, we need a bit more information.. Sage 300 PJC tables have the prefix "PM".. can you confirm that it is Sage 300 ERP that you are running and not Sage 300 Construction (CRE)?  

    In my testing, closing a job takes only a few seconds so not sure why it is taking hours to close.. 

    What version of Sage are you running?  Perhaps it would be better for you to open a Support Ticket and an analyst would be happy to assist.


    David Crampton

    Sage 300