• Sage 300 Aatrix 1099 Filing Instructions

    Is there any documentation available for the processing of 1099s from Sage 300 using Aatrix? It looks like no documentation was added to the user guides or F1 help for the "1099 Filing" menu option in AP Vendor Reports. Bert
  • Error during AP Payment Import

    Hi all, While importing AP Payment, I encounter this error "The bank code and bank currency combination does not match that of the batch". However, the batch is still imported with all (total = 3) of the entries. I do not understand what does…
  • Reversing Cleared / Reconciled Cheque

    We are using 2021 (300 Premium) (Build 20) (Product Update 2) An outstanding cheque was cleared by mistake during the Bank Reconciliation. The bank reconciliation is posted. Is there a way to mark this cheque outstanding again? We couldn't find a…
  • Invoice Batch List behavior

    Good morning! Our accounts payable clerk has reported an odd behavior in a single company when she enters a record into a batch using the Invoice Batch List. Clicking the 'Add' button does not progress to the next blank record. Instead, the button changes…
  • Record Zero value invoice in A/P

    How do I record sponsorship goods received (zero invoice value) in a system with only financial modules installed?
  • Subcontract adjustments

    I have a subcontractor who is supposed to provide materials & labor. Due to financial problems, he has charged materials to one of my supplier accounts. What is the best way to adjust the subcontract? Change order? Send subcontractor a bill?
  • EFT AP remittances by email

    I use Orchid Systems for EFT Vendor payments. how do I send AP remittances to my vendors by email? I can't find Orchid help anywhere.
  • Check numbers are skipped in a check run

    Check numbers skips when printing a check run in sage 2018 Update 4. This does not happen all the time but is a random event.
  • Advance Payment to vendors

    Hi, We just transitioned to SAGE 300. I'm looking for a way to record advances made to a vendor. The cash payment would be made this month and the expense would be recorded next month. I cannot use the "apply to" in prepayments since the AP is not…
  • AP Payment not appearing in Bank Rec

    AP Batch contains 3 entries for a particular supplier. Payment entry dates are 5th october, 17th october & 31st October. Payment batch posted and resulting gl batch posted successfully. Zero issues here. (3 entries Payment Batch and 3 entry GL Batch…
  • Prevent Duplicate Invoices Across Companies

    I already have the default setting that prevents an invoice from being entered twice, but is there a way to extend this to prevent duplicates across all companies in our system? Almost all of the bills that come to my office are addressed to 1 company…
  • A/P Payment Inquiry comes up blank regardless of input parameters 2017 PU5

    A/P Payment Inquiry comes up blank regardless of input parameters Sage 300 2017 PU5 Running as ADMIN
  • AP and AR Contra entries

    Hi, Is there any way to contra transactions and show a net balance if a vendor is also a customer? Priti
  • AP detail description

    Hi, In AP GL integration, if the detail description option was not selected to be transferred to GL initially, what happens if this setup is done mid way. Will the detail description be transffered for history data? If not, then how can this be retrieved…
  • “The applied amount exceeds the job distributions current balance of document XXX for vendor XXXX.”

    This error is generated when AP payment batch is posted. The applied amount is prorated by amount to individual projects by using jobs option.
  • Reversed cheque from AP not showing in my GL trial balance report

    Hi, I'm running on Sage 300v2016 and I reversed a cheque from Account Payable. The issue is the reversed cheque is not showing in the GL trial Balance Report. Any clue? thanks
  • Error batch posting AP Payment

    Hi there, Currently running on Sage 300 2017 and we have this error when we post AP checks: " Check XXXXX drawn on Bank XXXX not found in Bank Services." The bank Account exists. Not sure what is going on there. Any clue? thanks
  • Void check from closed period

    Hi there, We running on Sage300v2014 and we would like to know if there a way to void a check from a closed period. Check has been issued with a mistake and would like to redo it. Is there a way to proceed it rather than manually? Thanks all for…
  • AP Aged Payables does not tie to GL Trial Balance

    For two months in a row our AP Aged Payables report does not tie out to Accounts Payable on the Trial Balance. We have never had this problem until two months ago. The discrepancy amount is not fixed between the two months - we were off by a different…
  • Creditor Refund

    Hi all, I have a situation in how to account for a creditor refund. The scenario is: Prepayment to Goods Supplier 1000 Goods received 900 Supplier invoice 900 Supplier refund 100 As the prepayment as been paid on a proforma invoice, the…
  • On hold invoice

    We are using Sage 300 ERP 6.0. One of the vendor invoices was put on hold by mistake but the system still allowed a payment to be applied to that invoice. In my understanding, if an invoice is put on hold, no payments can be processed against it whether…
  • Auto Apply Documents "Doc Number"

    Hi there We are making a report in which we have to consider Applied documents. How can we trace whether a document is applied or not through database or front end on the doc? Regards
  • AP Invoice - Reverse

    Can we reverse an AP Invoice which is posted in Sage 300, if so how to? Thanks in advance Nishanth
  • Applying Accounts Payable to Accounts Receivable Open Invoices

    We have some companies that we work with. They are vendors and customers in our Sage 300. There are times when they owe us money in AR and we owe them money in AP. Is there a way to offset the balances? For example, in AP we owe them $100. In AR, they…
  • Unable to reverse check

    Hi there, We're using Sage 2014, and we have an issue with a reversal. I need to reverse a check and every time we reverse the check an error batch occurred (Batch error from batch XXXX). Any idea?