• Changing decimal places back and forth?

    If the decimal places in a currency in Common Services > Currency Codes > was changed from 2 decimals to 3 decimals. Can this be reversed back to 2 decimals? If so, what are the options/procedures?
  • Sage 300 - Bank Feeds

    Has anyone had luck connecting to RBC in Canada?
  • Can payment term based on working days instead of calendar day?

    Hi, I have checked the term setup in A/R Setup -> Term. Is there any way to set the term to be based on working days? (E.g 30 working days instead of 30 calendar days?) Thank you.
  • Entering Beginning Balances

    I am setting up my company manually (the conversion was awful and I've received no response to requests for help.) I am trying to enter my beginning balances and created a Retained Earnings account, but when I hit "ok" it tells me I don't have a retained…
  • Pre-payment, apply doc dates

    We have been using Prepayments, and then Apply docs to keep track of deposits. However, we have recently discovered that as soon as the payment gets applied, it gets changed retroactively into a regular payment from the original payment date. So now,…
  • Customer / Vendor Number change do not open

    screens do not open any more. task manager shows they open and then disappear from Task mgr v2021 PU5 workstn install Reinstalled, brought screen resolution down, run as administrator , checked for 3.5 net ---- no joy Works on server
  • Account Code Change and Canadian Payroll-Sage 2023

    We have a client looking to use the GL ACC to renumber departments. They have recently upgraded to 2023. They are also using Canadian Payroll. In older versions of the ACC you would receive a warning that the changes do not flow through to Payroll , and…
  • Sage 300 2014 AR Receipt Entry numbering

    Hi Everyone, I have a client running on Sage 300 2014 and is facing challenges on AR document numbering. The system's AR Receipt document auto-numbering sometimes skip the sequence by a random number hence distorting the trail. Can anyone assist on…
  • account code Change - do not have the authority to run this program

    Recently upgraded a client from V2021 to V2022. Account Code change and customer number change were installed and activated fine with no errors. However when I go to run either of them I get the error, "You do not have the authority to run this program…
  • Offline inputting (with no/weak internet connection)

    Hello may I just ask of Sage 300 financials has a utility to do offline inputting (and saving locally) and then synchronizing with the cloud when an internet connection becomes available?
  • PO backorder date default

    Hello a user requested that the default backorder date for POs be changed from 1 year to 2 years. Is this possible? Sage 300 2017. Thank you.
  • > 65 CPP

    As I understand it, in Canada, you are exempt from CPP after 65. You can however opt to pay CPP up to 70. Is there a way to have Sage 300 Payroll continue to deduct CPP for employees over 65 without manipulating their birthday?
  • Credit limit for customers

    Hi, does the credit limit defined in AR include open orders, or only open AR invoices? Ty.
  • Bank Feeds

    Hi All Anyone has anyluck connection to any bank that is not on the "Popular List" I find that if I choose any bank listed under other, the service just spins. Even though SISS say they can connect to this bank. I am assuming that it means…
  • Sage 300 Payroll, "Timecard exists" warning

    When in the Payoll-->Employees screen, when accessing employee info, a warning popup appears: "Warning Description: A Timecard, an Employee Timecard and/or a Manual Cheque exist for this Employee. Changes to the Employee may affect processing." While…
  • Sage 300 Bank Feeds

    Can someone assist me in configuring bank feeds. I have included in Sage 300 2020 PU 7 installation but when I open any bank in bank e-statements ( Bank Services) I do not see anything to do with bank feeds. How best can i go around this.
  • Apply to document option not available after 1099 PU install

    Hi, has someone experienced this before? Ty.
  • Automatic Shipping and invoice Order Entry

    Here is our scenario. We give a customer a qoutation in Order entry. The customer then goes to the cashier to pay or payonline. Then the receipt is taken back to our sales team to ship and create invoice. Isnt there away that at the time of paying the…
  • New General Ledger Number

    Good morning , How do you set up a new general ledger number in Sage 300? I was doing the following: Set Up Account Set Up Then typing in the new account number and it is not working. What am I doing wrong? Thank You, Gail
  • Tax Services Setup for Irish Entity

    Good day, Sage 300 2021 PU2 I have a new Irish entity to setup which will be my first time setting up an Irish/European entity. In looking at the VAT/Tax reporting requirements I was wondering if there were any samples out there of the Tax Services…
  • How to deactivate old fixed asset accounts

    Hello, I need to deactivate fixed asset accounts that are no longer in use and have fully capitalized through accumulated depreciation accounts. Both fixed asset and accumulated depreciation GLs have a balance. Even though they balance each other out…
  • AP Vendors - User security for accessing certain vendors only.

    Is there a way, or third party application that can use to assign users to specific vendors in AP. eg. I want user A to only see local vendors while user B sees only foreign vendors. Or user A is assigned a specific range of vendors only and cannot see…
  • Multicurrency with Multiple Entities in Single Sage 300 Database

    A company wishes to setup Sage 300 for their operations in 4 different countries, 4 different currencies all reporting back to a single currency. There are two options Option 1: 4 different Sage 300 Databases Option 2: 1 Sage 300 database with a entity…
  • Bank Set Up Multicurrency

    Hello, I have incorrectly set up a Bank. Multicurrency option not selected. We have processed transactions on the Bank. How do I set up the Bank to allow for a Multicurrency option?
  • ar invoice document total did not automatically pop out

    Hi, my client has been using accpac for a long time. Now her accpac version is v2019. she claims that after entering ar invoice detail lines, there will be a popup to display the detail lines total, so that she does not need to go to totals tab. …