• Sage 300 AR Credit Card Receipt - can't post

    I have an AR receipt entry with a cc charge that has been settled but the receipt entry will not post. The charge was applied to two invoices. Before the batch was posted, another entry was made to those two invoices with a credit note applied to them…
  • Reversing GL entries that have been cleared in the bank?

    Hi All, I entered a bank USD entry with the wrong USD to CAD rate. This is messing up the balance of the clearing account and so I would like to reverse the bank entry and re-enter it with the correct USD to CAD rate. However, the bank entry is now…
  • HELP! Can I edit or delete a posted receipt in Purchase Order

    I receipted my purchase order and posted it in Sage 300 but I did not put the correct amount down and hence I cannot Invoice it. Is there a way for me to edit or delete the the receipt for the purchase order. Please help me ASAP. Thank you.
  • How does Sage 300 handle the CPP 3500 exemption

    I am working with someone that is new to Sage 300, but not new to Payroll. They have payroll setup, and we are trying to match the calculations from the other system (Sage 50) to Sage 300. We have entered all of the employees, and also entered their…
  • GL posting Error - "Entry for a period before the prior fiscal year"

    In AP, I entered a manual ck incorrectly as 4/19/01. When the system tried to post the resulting GL entry, I got this error. I have since voided the manual ck and re-entered it correctly. Now, how to clear this error in the GL posting?
  • Inactive accounts allowing posting - Sage 300 2017

    We have many inactive accounts. Previously, we would get a warning when positing to these accounts. A beep and a visual. This now only happens to some inactive accounts, not any of the newly inactive accounts. We do have the setting in "Common Services…
  • AP Payment not appearing in Bank Rec

    AP Batch contains 3 entries for a particular supplier. Payment entry dates are 5th october, 17th october & 31st October. Payment batch posted and resulting gl batch posted successfully. Zero issues here. (3 entries Payment Batch and 3 entry GL Batch…
  • Prevent Duplicate Invoices Across Companies

    I already have the default setting that prevents an invoice from being entered twice, but is there a way to extend this to prevent duplicates across all companies in our system? Almost all of the bills that come to my office are addressed to 1 company…
  • How to undo AR Receipt Entry

    Hi, We have an AR receipt Entry batch with 2 entries my first entry is ok but I want to undo the 2nd entry in order to put back the document number in the first entry.
  • Error must print check before setting ready to post

    Hi , I have the 2 following error message here on AP Payment Batch List: You must print all checks for batch XXX before setting it ready to post. batch. And when I open the batch another error says "You must print all checks for batch XXX before settin…
  • Is there a way to edit OE invoices in AR?

    We use OE module to create invoices selling stock and non-stock inventory items from IC module. Sometimes there are errors on the OE invoices that need to be changed such as wrong taxes charged, unit prices don't match customer PO, etc. Sometimes the…
  • Sage 300 2014 Error batch when posting AP payment batch - check xxx drawn on bank xxx not found in bank services

    Occasionally we get an error batch when posting AP checks. We have many companies running Sage and this happens to all of them at random times. The bank accounts exist and have been there for years. Does anyone know what causes this error? check xxx…
  • posting issue

    Hi there, We are having an issue posting an AP batch and CK batch from a cheque we issued March 31, 2016 but post dated it to April 4, 2016. Cheque printed last week but now we can not post the batch entries. Any idea?
  • Looking Import specifications for a new MRP software.

    We currently use Sage 300 ERP for financials. Our MRP (Seradex OrderStream) will export daily AR/AP information and we import it into Sage via the appropriate forms Import. Our China facility is also using Sage 300 ERP for financials but they currently…
  • day end processing

    Description: Internal error. missing posting table entry (1697 PORCPZ1.C). Description: Day End Processing could not process all transactions. Source: 13:17:39 what could be the issue?
  • Specify working day in payment terms

    Is there i way to specify working and non working days in Sage 300 ERP 6.0? This is in regards to calculating payments due dates in AP.