• Refund a customer

    How to refund a customer on a fully paid invoice. One of our residents passed away and I have to pro rate the days of the month that he was here and give his family the refund. How do I do that?
  • How to do a tax only credit in AP and AR

    Here are instructions on doing a tax only credit in AP and AR: http://bit.ly/APTaxCredit http://bit.ly/ARTaxCredit
  • vacation accrual "current remaining" does not match totals

    Have two employees that show a current remaining amount of vac pay that does not match the report totals of accrued minus paid. Have tried entering adjustments in transaction history but it always adjusts both the current amount and the report totals…
  • is it possible to change the document date, post date, fiscal year on AR Invoice after posted?

    Hi All, is it possible to change the document date, post date, fiscal year and period on AR Invoice after posted? Situation: user import AR Invoice to Sage 300 using the Import feature on AR2100 (Invoice Entry). For some reason, the year of the…
  • Reverse AP Invoice as though it never posted?

    Hi all, User are going to import AP Invoice (around 10000 invoices) using the import feature on AP Invoice Entry and posted it everyday. But some of the transactions is not going to be valid a few days later (like a dispute) and needed to be removed…
  • How to adjust EI and CPP earnings on Sage 300

    Does anyone know how to adjust EI insurable and CPP pensionable earnings for T4s on Sage 300?
  • AR adjustment batch and bank

    We are processing credit card refunds in SAGE 300 by entering Customer account credit in adjustments. Everything is fine but those adjustments are not affecting Bank in Bank services so Bank balance in Bank services and GL do not match. We are doing bank…
  • Changing a Payroll Earnings Code Frequency

    Can I go into the database and change a Payroll Earning/Deductions code frequency? Will it cause integrity errors if I do? Sage 300 2019
  • Reverse revenue recognition in PJC

    Hi All, Can I reverse revenue recognition in PJC? The contract use Billing and Cost accounting method and the Project type is Fixed Price.
  • WO adjustments showing no amount in AR aging

    Good morning, During our migration to Sage300 the consulting group left a number of WO with blank amounts in our aging report. How can we get rid of them? Ty.
  • what to do with a bank receipt that doesn't match invoice

    Our arrangement with our payment processing company is such that when a payment is made by a guest, a transaction fee is deducted from the original payment and the net amount is then deposited into our bank account. I want to show the total amount in…
  • Offseting a vendor payment with another vendor invoice

    Hello, We have two different suppliers. We get one invoice from vendor A, but vendor B is paying for it. Is there a way to offset it without doing a credit note on Vendor A? Thanks! Helen
  • AR Adjustments

    How do you remove a posted adjustment in AR. I had a xact that I adjusted incorrectly, entered the correct adjustment but left with an adjustment that is essentially hanging. I can't adjust the adjustment because the document's balance is 0. Any help…
  • Posting to previous FY

    Hi we have an error batch as the error occurred because the user has posting to a prior year (posting date 22 July 2021and value date 30 June 2021). The posting has to be done to last financial year (2020-2021). We have already done End of Year Processing…
  • Credit in A/P

    How do I look up a credit note I entered in Sage 300?
  • How can i adjust transit transfers?

    We have a branch office that would request inventory from the main warehouse weekly. The process being used is that the branch would create an I/C Transit Transfer batch for the items needed and the request is printed directly in the main warehouse…
  • Moving some transactions from a Customer to another in A/R

    Sage 300 2019 PU7 How can we move some posted transactions (Invoices, Debit/Credit Notes, Receipts etc) between Customers in Accounts Receivable. Break the Account move some and leave the rest. Without creating Debit/Credit notes.
  • Checks were voided when trying to reprinting checks in AP Sage300

    The first time printing checks it did a print to file and did not print the physical checks. I went into reprint checks, I input the check range that should have printed but did not change the starting check number, so it voided the first range of checks…
  • Payroll Transaction history and the ROE

    We have a client that noticed that the entries she is doing in history to update hours for employees are not being reflected in box 15C of the ROE. They are using the latest payroll tax updates and running version 2020.
  • correcting payment made to wrong vendor. check was printed but not mailed

    An payment entry was made to the wrong vendor in AP. Check was printed but not mailed. Need to removed this check from Vendor A and enter the invoice and pay it under Vendor B I do see a selection called Reverse Transactions under Bank Recon. However…
  • how to reverse a credit note on A/R

    hello, i would like to reverse a credit note done on a previous month. how can i do that? thanks eblim
  • AP Error Message Report

    I'm trying to clean up vendor numbers, but I got 33 of the same error messages - "Vendor # has open transactions. All transactions must be closed and cleared before deletion. Print the vendor transactions report to list the vendor's open transactions…
  • Subcontract adjustments

    I have a subcontractor who is supposed to provide materials & labor. Due to financial problems, he has charged materials to one of my supplier accounts. What is the best way to adjust the subcontract? Change order? Send subcontractor a bill?

    HI, I have used customer code change. Most of the codes have been changed succesfully. However I have gotten this error on some customers. Any help will be highly aprecciated A/R Customers: 3C0002 to 7C0001, Critical Error: [54353] unknown error…