• General Ledger Budgets

    Is Creating a Budget in General Ledger a useful tool or is it better to create the budgets in Excel and export the data from GL?
  • Why I export and import batch payment batch list as payment amout is double.

    Why I export and import batch payment batch list as payment amount from older batch payment amount is double payment amount but in detail is not double double all entries in misc.payment. I inqured excel template is the same as old template. or…
  • G/L Inquiry with Income Statement Year End Income Statement Amounts

    Hello, I am trying to export the 2016/2017/2018 year end income statement accounts and amounts to excel. I cannot find which column definition displays this information. Every column definition I have tried does not tie out with the actual income statement…
  • The values of "Category" in timecard import sheets

    Hello, I need to know the values I should use for "CATEGORY" in time card import sheets,,,,can someone help pleeeease? BR
  • Importing in AR Receipts using single line items

    I know how to import into AR Receipts in Sage 300. Is there a way where Sage 300 can read single line items per transaction. For example, on the import file, I just want a single line item on the CSV for every cash receipt. Right now, Sage 300 requires…
  • Procedure of Purchasing from non-functional currency Vendor - Import Tax

    We are from Australia. We have set up two tax classes on supplier. When we made a purchase: 1) Within Australia, GST Purchase 2) Outside of Australia, GST Free Purchase (as the GST will be dealt with the freight company who deliver the goods to…